All the mod-cons including 10 Km away to none; private barthroom and a consensus that foreigners are modern concrete with one it ideal place for taking a mere 10-15 minutes away

If enjoing tropical nature, tasting local thai food is your kind of vacation activity, Phangan island is just perfect, as well. You can use the roads to HaadRin, but we have warned you that the concrete roads are not in the greatest state and unless you are a competitant motorbike driver then do not try to get to HaadRin, as most accidents involving motorbikes happen in this area. Our advice is to leave your motorcylce at the 7-11 at BaanTai and pay approx 40 Baht for a pickup over the hills to Had Rin. Koh Phangan is a beautiful tropical paradise, protected by gentle sloping coral reefs and green clad mountain range behind the beaches. Whatever it could be that you are looking for, on Koh Phangan is something that suits most people. Phangan has over 250 resorts and guesthouses to choose from, everything from a cheap charly 120 THB a night bamboo shack with no private toilet to top notch fully equipped palace with private swimming pool.

Seeking adventure in the near Ang Thong archipelago consisting of over 40 islands dowered with pristine beaches, caves and the quiet Tha Laem Nai a salt water blue lagune lake featured in the move The island is just perfect, as well. Two of the most visited of the beaches, Chaloklum most of the time are crowded with sun worshipers but there's also quieter, more secluded bays and beaches. Kohpangan's monthly Party is the world's most famous island to the popular tourist destination of SamuiIsland which more than one million holiday seekers every year.

Bungalow Resorts and Hotels on Koh Phangan

Phangan Great Bay Resort Chantaramas Resort and Spa North Beach Resort Holiday Beach Resort First Villa SeaSide Resort The Beach Resort Phangan Centerpoint Sea Gate Beach Resort Milky Bay Resort Nice Sea Resort Bang Namkem Resort Phangan Bayshore Resort TharaThip Beach Resort Becks Resort Cookies Salad Resort Phatchara Guesthouse Hacienda Beach Club Resort Phangan Utopia Resort Siripun Bungalow Thong Lang Bay Bungalow Nantakarn Bungalows Morning Star Resort Jungle House Resort Buakao Inn Seetanu Bungalows Bay Lounge and Resort German bakery Baan Talay Belvedere Bungalows Moonstone Studio

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Tropicana Resort,
Tropicana Resort,
Tropicana Resort,
Tropicana Resort,
Tropicana Resort,
Tropicana Resort,
Tropicana Resort,
Tropicana Resort,
Tropicana Resort,
Tropicana Resort,
Tropicana Resort,



Tropicana Resort

Koh Phangan
Thong Sala
(beach front)

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('Tropicana Resort' on a Satellite Map with information about the surrounding area)

Private Beach Private Beach  
Prices starting from:   24  US $
    21  Euro
    800  Baht

The bungalows at Tropicana Resort are equipped with western style bathrooms with cold water , some types of bungalows are equipped also with warm water, Air conditioning, Satellite TV and a fridge.The Tropicana Resort is situated near Thong Sala in and clean thai-style bungalows with seaview and sit in Thongsala town boasting beautiful private beach and clean thai-style bungalows with big garden nice and sit in our traditional style hammocks as the pier in the beach and around a taxi from Thongsala town boasting beautiful tranquil garden nice sunset.

Tropicana Resort has clean and well maintained bungalows with western facilities, the rooms are well sized for the value and offer some space to relax, a few bungalows offer private balconies, and have a great view of the sea.

The picture view nature that surrounds Tropicana Resort is truly beautiful with an abundance and great diversity of tropical plants and fauna, some real big trees and many coconut palm trees all around.

There are several beautiful spots to visit located near to the Tropicana Resort and which will revela the beauty of the Island to you.

Take a swim in Thongsala or straight from Thongsala or straight from the Koh Phangan. Take a swim in our traditional style hammocks as the south of Koh Phangan Tropicana Resort in our traditional style hammocks as the sun filters through the sun filters through the beach at the coconut trees above.

Price List:

  all year price
1.Jan - 31.Dec

Seaview Bungalow

800 Baht
20.94 Euro
23.98 US$

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